Mission Charter

Mission Charter


“Where there is no vision the people perish. Where there is no passion the vision dies”


God has given us the vision of “A Christ healed Africa for the healing of nations.” We have been challenged to share more deeply God’s passion for healing and transformation. As members of the Methodist family we came to Mthatha to face this challenge. We found direction as the Holy Spirit inspired us to continue the pilgrimage which has led us through Obedience 81 and the Journey to the New Land to the present day.


We recognise the vital importance of the local church and rejoice in the many Circuits and Societies where life-giving mission is taking place. In trust and obedience we commit ourselves anew to the Four Imperatives of Mission in our time – A deepened spirituality as individuals and a Christian community, Justice and service in church and society, evangelism and church growth which build up the people of God, Empowerment and development which give dignity and new purpose to those who have been deprived.


We resolve to take intentional and sustained action to implement these imperatives in such areas as: The healing ministry; deepening our understanding of African and other spiritualities; co-ordinated programmes of Christian education, information and communication; building meaningful relationships that transcend racism, sexism and all other forms of discrimination; a vigorous response to the crisis of HIV and AIDS; informing our prophetic ministry by research into socio-economic issues; identifying land for sustainable livelihood; sacrificial giving; becoming a church in solidarity with the poor; providing training in evangelism; training ministers for the African context; implementing anti-bias training; becoming a more youth and child-centred church.


We invite the people of God throughout Botswana, Lesotho, Mocambique, Namibia, South Africa and Swaziland, to join us as we put ourselves at God’s disposal to carry forward God’s mission in this sub-continent:

Let us each renew our personal commitment to Jesus Christ and seek to grow in grace and in love for God, one another and the world.
Let us ensure that our mission of healing and transformation is holistic, embracing all the imperatives for mission.
Let us participate in God’s mission in ways that are appropriate to our local contexts and in partnership with the wider church and community.
Let us celebrate our diversity and the gifts God has given to each of us; support each other; challenge each other and pray for each other.


Finally, we encourage every Circuit to set aside the last Sunday in May to celebrate what God is doing among us and to commit ourselves again to our high calling in Christ.


God bless this Africa which is our home. Give us grace to follow Jesus the healer, Jesus the peacemaker, Jesus the Saviour of the world, Jesus the Lord of all life. Restore us and make your face shine on us that we may be saved.