Eternal God, as you have taught us to keep all
your commandments by loving you and our neighbour: grant us
the spirit of peace and the gift of grace, that we may be
devoted to you with our whole heart and united to each other
with a pure will; through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Ambrosian Missal (8th century)

God of all, we give thanks for those who can speak of
their memories of distant lands and other cultures and open
for us a window on to a wider world. Help them to tell of how
our common faith can make us one with those who dwell in
foreign lands. How, though drawn from far-flung parts, we
can journey together in faith. Help all who confess that Jesus
is Lord to share in witnessing to his love. Whatever our
mother tongue, may we acknowledge our parent God and, in our
coming together, may we realise that we form one family of
faith, one people, journeying to you. Amen.

Wendy Kilworth-Mason,
superintendent minister, Whitehaven Circuit
Source: Prayer of the Day