Let the door of our heart be opened to receive Christ, our
Lord and our God. Let the soul of our being be unlocked, to
welcome our Saviour, the Redeemer of all. Let the gates of our
life be flung wide, for the entering in of the Sun of
Righteousness, even the King of Glory. Amen.

Ambrose of Milan (c. 334-397)

We rely upon you, O God,
to be our companion when others are nowhere to be found.
We call upon you O God,
to be a voice when we struggle to find the words we need.
We rest upon you O God,
our haven when the walls of life close in on us.
For the times when we are alone,
or silenced by the moment,
or crushed by the weight,
we look to you, O God, our companion, voice and haven.
In the gatherings, noise and expanse,
may we never forget that you remain an ever-constant
the God of life, liberation and love. Amen.

Bruce Thompson, Lincolnshire District Chair
Source: Prayer of the Day