Grant us, O Lord, the will to accomplish all that pleases
you; the strength to do all that you command and the reverence
to respect all that you have made; for your own name’s sake.

Francis of Assisi (1182-1226)

Joyous God,
who sings the world a capella style,
who improvises joy in unlikely events,
and breathes an exuberant spirit to set the world
help us, your unlikely followers,
to glimpse the twinkle in your creative eye
and to see a wonderful hope in dark and chaotic
so that, even within sorrow and struggle, we may discover glimmers
of hope,
within pain, the possibilities of
and within injustice, our own power to change the
world for good.
Most of all, God, don’t let us be dull.
Give us the courage to join your exuberant enterprise called
to laugh at our own impossibilities and ridiculous notions
and, in all this, to trust, that through you and in you and with
your love,
we and all your people should, and can and will be free. Amen.

Barbara Glasson, West Yorkshire District Deputy
Source: Prayer of the Day