We bring to you, O Lord, our poverty of soul to be
transformed by your beauty; our waywardness of passion to be
tamed by your love; our stubbornness of will to be conformed
to your commandments and our coldness of heart to be enkindled
by your grace; now and for ever. Amen.

Catherine of Genoa (1447-1510)

Lord Jesus, wherever I am in my life, you know
When I am first in the thoughts of friends and family because
of challenges I face,
when I am last in their thoughts because we have not been in
touch recently,
when I am somewhere in the middle, on an ordinary day of
mixed blessings,
you know me, you know them, you love us all wherever we
Be the first in my thoughts in the midst of my
Have the last word in restoring my relationships, that all
may glorify you. Amen.

Andrew Fox, Shetland District Deputy Chair
Source: Prayer of the Day