Create within us, O God, a love for your holy word. Teach us
its true and inner meaning. Within its sacred pages may we
find new strength and joy; by its precepts guidance for the
soul, and through familiar words grace to help in time of
need; for your truth and your name’s sake. Amen.

Walter James (1879-1908)

God who is found in beauty and brokenness,
holy and gracious one,
whose heart is torn by the suffering of your children,
you long for a world of justice and plenty for all.
Liberate us to share in that freedom offered by your kingdom.
Open our eyes to sense your presence
in places of despair and fear,
open our ears to hear your call to be salt and light in the
melt our hearts, convert us to the needs of the other,
and move us to be your people, a people of justice and care,
for our world, for friend and stranger. Amen.

Andrew Wood, Southampton District Chair
Source: Prayer of the Day