District 1 – Cape of Good Hope

Geographically, our district straddles two provinces, the Western Cape and Northern Cape. It includes a town in Namibia, and is surrounded by two oceans. In a real way, our District reflects the microcosms of our Country – it includes the poorest as well as the richest of our land, the rural country and the urban cities and towns, the valleys and the mountains and the scorching earth of a drought infested land.

Our District holds the cradle for Methodism in Southern Africa, and at Bethels Klip in Namaqualand the first Methodist Mission endeavor amongst the indigenous people is commemorated. Our Vision and Mission is aligned to that of our Connexion to proclaim the gospel of healing and transformation for a Christ healed Africa for the healing of nations.


District Office:
16 Norton Way
Rondebosch, Cape Town
Western Cape

Tel: +27 21 686 4077
Fax: +27 86 611 0407