Women’s Manyano

Our organisation – The Methodist Women’s Prayer and Service Union as it appears on our pin- is commonly known as the Women’s Manyano. Women with full membership of the Methodist Church of Southern Africa are eligible for membership within the organization. Our current membership Connexionally stands at a total of 62 000 members, who are all committed to fulfilling the common vision of the organization. Our vision for the period 2008-2011 is “Dealing with the Scourge of Women and Child abuse”. In line with our theme, our activities have been centred on bringing hope and a future for women and children in distress. We aim to generate funds for missionary work and to encourage a missionary spirit among our people for the uplifment of those in need within our communities. We believe in, and work towards, achieving the global Millennium Developmental Goals, and we also continue to remember, support and pray for all who are infected and affected by HIV and Aids. Ultimately, all of our efforts are to the service and glory of God, as well as for the extension of His kingdom on earth.

The General President of the Womens Manyano – Mrs Gretta Makhwenkwe.

Email: grettamakh@gmail.com

Postal Address:

PO Box 562,



Republic of South Africa

Telephone: +27 40 653 2220

Facsimile: +27 40 653 1718