Lay President

mrj nkosi

The Lay President of the MCSA is Mr James Nkosi. Elected at Conference 2014 in Durban, he will serve a 5 year term.He is a member of the Connexional Executive and his role is described in The Book of Order  (5.26 ff) as follows:

5.26 Conference shall elect a Lay President according to the provisions of Appendix 12. The Lay President assumes office on the 1st January after election and holds office for a term of three years but is eligible for reelection.
5.27 The Lay President has no executive power but shall represent the Church on ceremonial occasions either on behalf of or in addition to the Presiding Bishop. The Presiding Bishop may delegate certain duties and tasks to the Lay President.
5.28 The Lay President shall visit Districts and Circuits to encourage the people and, in consultation with the Presiding Bishop and with the endorsement of the Connexional Executive, may nominate a mission project to pilot while in office.