Our People

Deacons seek to be Christ’s servants in the world and encourage the Church community to a ministry of servanthood. Deacons remind the Church of Christ’s love for the poor and oppressed and strive to share Christ’s love through service. They seek to help the Church respond to the needs of the wider community and may be engaged in work outside of the gathered worshipping community where they pioneer relevant ministry.

Deacons are primarily enablers and encouragers and also help to grow church members in undertaking aspects of ministry within the local context.

Deacons, or members of the Diaconal order, are ordained to the ministry of word and service. Like presbyters, deacons undergo a period of probation and training prior to ordination. Chapter 13 of the MCSA’s laws and discipline provides more detail about the Diaconal Order.


Dcn. Douw Grobler

Warden: Methodist Order of Deacons

Sinoville Methodist Church

0833744333 / (012) 567-0065


‘Service Makes Membership Meaningful’