Anniversary of the Indian Mission in Natal

``A story told by D. Nair``

A number of Methodist Institutions have been set up in KwaZulu-Natal. The Central City Mission continues the work started by the first church in Durban. The Edendale Lay Ecumenical Centre which was built by the Rev Enos Zwellabantu Sikhakhane, is the first ecumenical centre to be built by Africans for themselves. The centre was built through the efforts of Nzondelelo and aims to empower African people through skills development and the promotion of liberation theology especially during the apartheid years. Many famous people, including Steve Biko, have spoken there.

Education has always been important and the school at Indaleni has provided not only schooling for African children but also a training college to train teachers. Important prestigious Methodist schools in the area are Epworth, a school for girls, built by a group of Methodists in Pietermaritzburg in 1888 and Kearsney College for boys built by Sir Leigh Hullett in 1921.
Methodist Theological training was for many years done at the Federal Theological Seminary. Since 2009 it has returned to KwaZulu-Natal with the opening of the Seth Mokitimi Theological Seminary in Pietermaritzburg.

Heritage Indian mission in Natal