Order of Evangelism

The Order of Evangelism is a Lay Ministry of the Biblewomen and Evangelists called into the service of evangelism and church growth under the doctrinal principles of Methodist Church of Southern Africa. Evangelists and Biblewomen who are called to this service are trained for a minimum of two years and the training includes attending classes at college as specified by the EMMU.

Evangelists and Biblewomen should:

  • Be full members in good standing of the Methodist Church of Southern Africa for a period not less than two years;
  • Reside in the Circuit of candidature; and
  • Meet all the moral expectations of a Christian, including giving to the life of the Church material and spiritual gifts such as talents, time and money.

This order is led and served by a Warden who is a minister in full time employ of the church. The warden’s duties include the development and monitoring of programmes of the order; to ensure that the work of the order is consistent with the church’s transformation strategy; to ensure educational growth and development of the order ; look out for the needs and interests of all bible women and evangelists as well keep the rest of the Connexion informed about all their programmes.