Order of Christian Service

“……. Your servants for Jesus’ sake” II Cor 4:5

The Order of Christian Service seeks quietly to fulfil its mission. Perhaps you, or someone you know has a role to play?

ASSOCIATE MEMBER: One who is in sympathy with the ideals of the Order, but who does not yet feel called to full membership. They would be enrolled as Associates, will receive the Newsletter, be invited to the regular prayer fellowship meetings, and can support the work in any way they like.

HOME MEMBER: All Christians are meant to be working and witnessing for Jesus at all times. Not all are called to leave their homes and jobs to go into special service. Home Members are involved in the same sort of activities as Field Members, but they operate from their home base and in their own churches. They are active in witnessing, soul winning, discipling, and recruiting in the local context, as well as praying for, encouraging and supporting Field Members. They are expected to practice tithing.

FIELD MEMBER: One who responds to God’s call to go into Christian work as a vocation; who signs on for two years normally, to live and work hard for the Kingdom, who are willing to undertake a pastoral, organizational, secretarial or manual task as they test their call, but always with the opportunity for outreach, evangelism and training. This two-year period will often clarify a call to some area of ordained or full-time work. What to do: Write to the Secretary of the Order, address at the foot of this page, with a brief outline of your experience in both secular and Christian work. A recent photograph would be helpful. We will respond by sending you an Application Form and make an appointment with you to discuss your calling further.