Mission Unit

08 Aug

The Mission Unit is located in the Office of the Presiding Bishop of the MCSA.

The Role of the Mission Unit is to:

  • Initiate, promote and protect the mission values of the MCSA coordinate, support, monitor and evaluate mission initiatives;
  • Assist in the resourcing of mission;
  • Establish and maintain strategic partnerships;
  • Provide strategic guidance; and
  • Ensure compliance to our prophetic and mission-related tasks as a Church.

Our goal is to educate, facilitate, train, empower, develop, network, promote and resource local churches to become centres for healing and transformation – places where spiritual growth can take place and where justice and people-centred development is practiced in the quest for “A Christ-healed Africa”.

The mission values of the MCSA are enshrined in the church’s Mission Charter adopted by the MCSA Conference in 2005. The mission strategy of the MCSA is based on four pillars of Mission:

  • Spirituality
  • Evangelism & Church Growth
  • Justice & Service
  • Development & Economic Empowerment

Overseas partners include the Methodist Church of Great Britain, the United Methodist Church in Germany and the General Board of Global Ministries. Some of the major projects undertaken in conjunction with our partners have included the School Uniform Campaign, the Love Box Campaigns, the Chains of Hope Programme, and establishing the HIV and AIDS and Childcare Desks.

Partnerships with other sister Methodist/Wesleyan churches in the African continent are maintained – for example, with the Methodist Church in Zimbabwe, the Wesleyan Church in Angola, etc. Projects across the Connexion are supported through two Mission Funds – the Pula Fund and the Methodist Relief and Development Fund


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