MethSsoc Constitution

Constitution of METHSSOC


We, the students of the institutions of higher learning coming from different geographical and economical backgrounds: Bound together by our belief in almighty and our commitment to a non-racial, non-sexist and justice Southern Africa.


Recognizing the central role played by the institution of higher learning in preparing us to serve our society; determine to instill and nurture the culture of religious tolerance and constructive debates on matters of our faith and matter affecting our society as a whole. Conscious of our duty to bring about values of God’s Kingdom in our society as whole;



Resolve to form Connexional Methodist Student Society, which is democratic in character, representative in purpose and progressive in outlook and is accountable to the Laws and Disciplines of the Methodist Church of Southern Africa and the student body, which it serves.


The name of the body shall be the Connexional Methodist Students’ Society (hereafter referred to as the METHSSOC).


The METHSSOC logo shall be an African Map with a Scallop shell in the middle and the cross. The colours shall be as follows: On African Map, the top half shall be red and the bottom half shall be black and On the cross shall be black on the bottom half and red on the top half.



2.1 To awaken and deepen the Christian life in young people and to promote their intelligent attachment to the lord.

2.2 To proclaim the gospel of Christ.

2.3 To participate and promote a ministry of reconciliation in Southern Africa.

2.4 To participate in rendering social services in our communities.

2.5 To promote comradeship in the Highest aims of life and adventurous Christian living



3.1 Methodist Students’ Society at tertiary institution may be a member of the Connexional METHSSOC by affiliation.

3.2 Societies may levy subscription fees on its members- should be encouraged to contribute the regional and connexional finances.

3.3 Membership shall be renewed annually by the payment of affiliation fee determined by the CEC and REC.



4.1 Composition

The Connexional Executive Council shall have nine (9) members viz


The Following shall constitute the Connexional Executive Committee.


4.1.1 President.

4.1.2 Deputy President.

4.1.3 Secretary General.

4.1.4 Deputy Secretary General.

4.1.5 Treasurer.

4.1.6 Public Relations Officer.

4.1.7 Projects Officer.

4.1.8 Gender and Transformation Officer.

4.1.9 Religious and Theology Officer.




4.2.1 President.

The President shall: Be the chief executive officer who can represent and speak of behalf of METHSSOC. Chair METHSSOC CEC meetings, general councils and annual General Meetings. Be an Ex-officio member of all METHSSOC affiliates. Be responsible for the overall co-ordination of METHSSOC’s duties and Functions.



4.2.2 Deputy President

The Deputy President Shall: Be responsible for the legal and constitutional affairs of METHSSOC. Deals with the external affairs of METHSSOC. Deputise the President when the President is unavailable or unable to perform his/her duties.



4.2.3 Secretary General.

The Secretary General shall: Be responsible for the day to day running of METHSSOC. Be the Chief custodian of all the documents and assets of METHSSOC. Be responsible for the processing of all correspondence with any person or organisation outside of METHSSOC. Convene all meetings of the CEC and be responsible for any person or organisation outside METHSSOC. Be responsible for all METHSSOC support departments of the church (including the office of the Presiding Bishop) Be an acting Presidentin the Absence of the Presidents.



4.2.4 Deputy Secretary General.

The Deputy Secretary General shall: Be responsible for the safe keeping of all records of METHSSOC. In conjunction with the Secretary General, be responsible for the proceedings of all correspondence to other METHSSOC members and its affiliates. In conjunction with the Secretary General, convene all METHSSOC meetings. Be responsible and ensure the recording of proceedings of involving METHSSOC.




4.2.5 Treasurer.

The Treasurer shall: Be responsible for all finances and financial policies of METHSSOC. Be responsible for all financial transactions, records and accounts of METHSSOC. Prepare and present an audited financial report annually. Be responsible for the budget of METHSSOC and any matters incidental thereto. Facilitate Fund Raising ventures of METHSSOC.




4.2.6 Public Relations Officer.

The Public Relations Officer shall: Be responsible for the use of the media. Be responsible for the public relations of METHSSOC. Manage the Production of all METHSSOC publications, notices and other forms of communication. Be the chief Marketing Officer of METHSSOC and head the media and marketing collectives. In conjunction with treasurer, be responsible for the fund raising.



4.2.7 The Projects Officer.

The Projects Officer Shall: Be responsible for organizing projects and activities. In conjunction with the Treasurer be responsible for fund raising.



4.2.8 Gender and Transformation Officer.

The Gender and Transformation Officer shall: Develop educational projects related to matters of gender. Collect and disseminate resources about the role of gender issues in the church and society. Be responsible for policy matters that relates to education and transformation. Be responsible for educational health awareness (HIV/AIDS)



4.2.9 Theology and Transformation Officer.

The Theology and Transformation Officer shall: Be responsible for matters relating to spiritual and social. Participate and inform METHSSOC about development taking place within the Methodist Church of Southern Africa. Be responsible for religious matters of METHSSOC.





4.3.1 Chairperson.

4.3.2 Deputy Chairperson.

4.3.3 Secretary General.

4.3.4 Deputy Secretary General.

4.3.5 Treasurer.

4.3.6 Public Relations Officer.

4.3.7 Projects Officer.

4.3.8 Gender and Transformation Officer.

4.3.9 Religious and Theology Officer.





4.4.1 Chairperson.

4.4.2 Deputy Chairperson.

4.4.3 Secretary General.

4.4.4 Deputy Secretary General.

4.4.5 Treasurer.

4.4.6 Public Relations Officer.

4.4.7 Projects Officer.

4.4.8 Gender and Transformation Officer.

4.4.9 Religious and Theology Officer.




5.1 CEC Elections.

5.1.1 All elections and bi-elections shall be by secret ballot paper and must be free, fair and democratic.

5.1.2 All elections and bi-elections shall be conducted by an independent person(s) and accountable to outgoing CEC who have the final say.

5.1.3 For an election to be valid 50% of delegates must have voted.

5.1.4 Elections must be held annually



5.2 Electoral Commission.

5.2.1 An independent electoral body must be appointed to run the elections.

5.2.2 The electoral body can either be an organisation or a collection of individuals who are not part of the delegates or participants for the election.

5.2.3 All the Ballot Papers used for the election shall be kept for a period of one month by the electoral body in case of any queries.

5.2.4 The results as announced by the IEC shall remain valid unless any queries or fraud that may result in re-election.


5.3 Nominations

5.3.1 Only registered members of the Methodist Students’ Society are allowed to nominate and only full members of Methodist Church of Southern Africa are allowed to be nominated for REC and CEC.

5.3.2 A nomination shall have at least 10 seconders to be considered for participation.

5.3.3 For every nomination to be valid it should mention the portfolio, full names of the nominee and the names of the nominator.

5.3.4 Convocants cannot be nominated for office.


5.4 Voting and Counting

5.4.1 All voting shall be a secret ballot box.

5.4.2 Every voter shall cast one vote for every position to be filled.

5.4.3 The “IEC” shall count and announce the results of the on the same day or within 24 hours.


6.1 Shall be one year.

6.2 Except as provided below, METHSSOC members shall hold office until the conclusion of the AGM of METHSSOC. The outgoing CEC shall continue to function until executive members are allocated portfolio.

6.3 A member of the CEC who is absent in three consecutive meetings of the CEC without an excuse acceptable to the CEC shall cease to be a member subject to appeal. The affiliated structure notified by writing before the decision comes into effect.

6.4 A member shall have the privilege to resign from the CEC and he/she shall cease to be a member when a written letter of resignation has been received and accepted by the CEC.

6.5 If a member of the CEC cease to be a member s/he shall simultaneously forfeit any office in connection herewith


7.1 The annual general meeting shall be held at annual ConnexionalConference

7.1.1 The AGM is the highest decision body of METHSSOC, and its decisions are binding on its affiliates and the CEC.

7.1.2 The AGM has the power to adopt or ratify METHSSOC constitution.

7.1.3 The CEC shall call an Annual General Meeting before vacating office

7.1.4 The CEC shall give the full account of their term of office in the AGM.

7.1.5 The CEC shall present a financial statement in theAGM.

7.1.6 The CEC shall develop a framework for a program of action for the incoming CEC.

7.1.7 The CEC shall give Three (3) months notice to its affiliates of a convention of an AGM.


7.2 CEC meetings

7.2.1 Meetings of the CEC shall be held once in every quarter, and the first meeting of a newly elected CEC shall be held not late than one month after the election results.

7.2.2 Notices of the CEC meeting shall be sent three (3) weeks before the meeting.


7.3 General Council Meetings

7.3.1 Meeting of the General Council shall be held at least once per semester.

7.3.2 Notices shall be sent to Regional Executive Committee members a month prior to the date of the General Council.


7.4 Quorum

7.4.1 CEC For all meetings the quorum shall be 50+1% of all those who are entitle to attend and vote. Should the meeting fail to quorate at the stipulated time, the meeting shall adjourn for 30 minutes. If at the reconvening, the meeting fails to quorate, the meeting can continue but could only discuss the agenda and make recommendations without voting and make binding decisions.


7.4.2 AGM A quorum at the AGM shall be 2/3(two-third) of the existing societies/branches at the AGM. Failing to quorate then the CEC call another AGM within3 months of the mentioned AGM.

7.4.3 General Council A quorum at the GC shall be 2/3(two-third) of the affiliated existing regions. Failing to quorate then the CEC call another GC within 3 months, however the GC can continue to make recommendations of the CEC without voting or binding decisions. E.g. policy adoption.


7.5 Special Meetings

7.5.1 Special meetings of the AGM shall be convened by a month’s notice by a resolution passed by a two-third (2/3) majority of the GC providing that 50+1% present shall at the meeting pass such resolution be a quorum as a envisaged in the above.

7.5.2 Special meetings of the AGM shall be convened by a month notice by a resolution passed by the President and the Secretary General or if by request, five members of the CEC.

7.5.3 Special meetings of the GC shall be convened by a month notice by a resolution passed by a two-third (2/3) majority of the CEC or by 33% of members of the GC.

7.5.4 Only matters appearing on the notice convening the special meeting shall be dealt with.


7.6 Voting

7.6.1 At all meetings shall be by show of hands, except if a 25% of delegates present and voting decides on the different form.

7.6.2 All decision shall be by simple majority unless otherwise provided for in the constitution or as provided below:

7.6.3 Amendments to this constitution and rules and regulation promulgated under this constitution.

7.6.4 Expulsion as provided for in the constitution.



8.1 Code of conduct.

8.1.1 METHSSOC shall adopt a code of conduct that shall be binding on all its members.

8.1.2 METHSSOC can constitute itself as the disciplinary committee to deal with any matter of misconduct of any of its members.

8.1.3 CEC may suspend a member who is under investigation for misconduct. This should be read together with the rules provided for by the disciplinary constitution and the code of conduct.



9.1 Composition

The General Council shall be compose as follows:


9.1.1 The CEC.

9.1.2 The two REC members


9.2 Powers and Duties.

9.2.1 The general council is empowered to receive reports from CEC and its affiliated structures.

9.2.2 Recommend suspension of any affiliate or member of the CEC subject to the CEC making the final decision.

9.2.3 Advice the CEC on any matter that it may deem necessary.



10.1 Subject to the rules and regulations of the tertiary institutions METHSSOC shall be legal persona capable of suing and being sued in its own name.

10.2 Every office bearer, official or employee of METHSSOC shall be indemnify of all cost, loss and expenses which s/he may have incur or become liable for by reason of act or omission in discharge of his or her duties, unless the loss in question is cost by his/her own gross negligence, dishonesty to intentional action which may bring the association into disrepute.



11.1 In addition to the provisions of this constitution, the CEC subject to rectification of the GC or the AGM shall have the power to promulgate such rules and regulations as may required for the smooth running of the CEC and the effective implementation of this constitution.

11.2 Any amendment to such rules and regulation that has been passed by the GC or Special Meeting can only be amended by the GC or Special Meeting.



12.1 METHSSOC shall open a banking account on its own name.

12.2 The signatories of the said banking account shall be the President, Secretary General and the Treasurer, notwithstanding any provision of this constitution. The President may not be deputized in the performance of this function.

12.3 For any negotiable instrument to valid and binding to METHSSOC, it must have to signatures of the members as provided for in this section.

12.4 One of with shall either be the president or the Treasurer.



13.1 The AGM shall have the final say in any matter relating to the enforce of this constitution or the interpretation or the application of the provision thereof.

13.2 Any conflict of interest between the number of METHSSOC affiliates, members, committee and councilorsshall be dealt with by the GC and the AGM.



14.1 Amendment to this constitution shall be at the AGM provided that such amendments have circulated a month prior to the sitting.



15.1 Once adopt this constitution shall nullify all existing constitution of METHSSOC and shall come into immediate effect.

15.2 This constitution shall be the supreme document governing Connexional Methodist Students’ Society and student activities or any document within METHSSOC