Preferring nothing to you, O Christ, let us hold fast to your
love, embrace your cross and honour your name. Let conviction
mark our speech, courage our life and patience our faith; for
your own name’s sake. Amen.

Cyprian of Carthage (c. 200-258)

Loving God, when life is busy and the pressure is on,
it is easy to feel hemmed in by the expectations of other
and the demands of daily living.
Yet, in Christ, you promise us freedom.
Remind me of the freedom that is to be found in knowing him.
Help me, by your Spirit,
to see beyond everything that seems to get in the way
of me being the person you made me to be
and doing the things you have for me to do.
Open my ears to the cries of all those around me,
who are denied the freedom they deserve,
and give me the courage to speak up and to speak out for
that all may enjoy the freedom Christ came to bring. Amen.

Gill Newton, Sheffield District Chair
Source: Prayer of the Day