The Doctrine, Ethics and Worship Committee (DEWCOM) of the MCSA is a committee of Conference.

DEWCOM is mandated by Conference to respond to questions that face the church on doctrinal and ethical matters, as well as to assist with the development of appropriate liturgies for the life of the church. DEWCOM is not a policy making body, but provides information to Conference, which then instructs the relevant structures of the church to consider their recommendations. On this page, the reader will find discussion papers and other material that has formed part of DEWCOM’s work. For final expressions on polity and practice, the reader is asked to consult the Yearbooks and Book of Order of the MCSA. Papers and other material appearing here do not necessarily reflect the views and polity of the MCSA. ( DEWCOM papers are published on Seminary website 

Celebrating Communion during a pandemic – Part 1

6 May 2020 

Celebrating Communion during a pandemic – Part 2

13 May 2020 

Dewcom weekly webinar

Paper discussions

20 May 2020