Day One prayer

Daily opening prayer

(adapted from African Catholic Bishops)

Almighty and merciful Father, who shows your love to all creation, we come before you asking for a quick control of the Coronavirus currently ravaging our world. Hear graciously the prayers we make for those affected by the virus in various parts of the world. Grant healing to the sick, eternal life to the dead and consolation to bereaved families. Look upon us in your mercy and forgive us our fallings. Amen.

Day ONE 

Friday 27th March 2020



Prayer focus: Families

Bible reading: Psalm 23


As our Good Shepherd, Jesus, we know you will lead us beside quiet places and restore our souls and bodies. We trust you and want to follow your leading. Help us to welcome this time not as an interruption in our carefully planned schedules, but as an opportunity to draw strength and nourishment for the journey ahead. Help us to share your love in our homes, to pray for one another, to serve one another. Amen.