Dates: 9th September – 12th September 2021
Conference Venue: Kimberly

“Reimagining Social Holiness: Sustaining Hope and Healing”

Constitution of the Conference


  1. Conference provides direction and inspiration for the Church and is the Church’s governing authority and supreme legislative body. Conference is the sole and final authority in respect of the doctrines of the Church and their interpretation.
  2. Conference, at one time affiliated to the British Conference and subject in certain respects to its control, is a completely independent and autonomous body. The Conference has power to alter its Constitution, to make Rules and Regulations for the good governance of the Church and for the due and proper exercise of its jurisdiction and to do all such acts, matters and things as are expedient and necessary for the maintenance, advancement and benefit of the Church and its objects.
  3. Conference shall meet annually, or as it determines.

The ordination of new presbyteral and diaconal ministers.  

  1. A full list of ordinands

Ordination Service in Various Venues
1. St James
2. Centenary