Compliance Unit


The Compliance Unit was established in 2014 to look after the MCSA’s Financial Compliance towards SARS. The Compliance Unit is part of the Finance Unit and reports directly to the General Lay Treasurer.

Each District, Circuit, Society and Organisation that operates a Bank Account is required to submit Annual Financial Statements in the format required by the MCO, namely 4D, 4C, 4S and 4U Schedules.

The Unit is responsible for the following:

  • Issuance of 4D, 4C, 4S and 4U Schedules to all Districts, Circuits, Societies and Organisations.
  • Checking of the 4D, 4C, 4S and 4U Schedules for correctness and follow up of errors.
  • Submission of annual tax return to SARS compiled from the 4D, 4C, 4S and 4U Schedules.
  • Calculation of Assessments for the Circuits in the Connexion.
  • Setting of Financial Compliance guidelines for the Connexion.
  • Training of Treasurers in the use and completion of 4D, 4C, 4S and 4U Schedules.

All submissions for the 2018 year have to be completed using the electronic password protected PDF. No Excel spreadsheets or manual forms will be accepted by the MCO.

The PDF’s are all password protected and passwords have been sent to all the District Treasurers who will in turn forward the passwords to their respective Circuit Treasurers.

The 4D, 4C, 4S and 4U schedules for the 2016 financial year are still available for download at: 

and may be used to complete outstanding 2017 schedules. The 2017 PDF’s may under no circumstances be used to submit the 2018 Schedules.

For versions prior to 2017 please contact the MCO Finance Compliance Unit on 011 615 1616

2018 4D, 4C, 4S and 4U Schedules

The 4D, 4C, 4S and 4U Schedules for the 2018 financial year are available for download at: