Methodist Connexional Office

The MCO is situated on Durban's Berea and is regarded as the financial nerve centre of The Methodist Church of Southern Africa. Set amongst trees, surrounded by lawns and positioned alongside the Manning Road Methodist Church, the gracious Victorian-style manse is home to 18 staff whose job it is to keep the financial wheels of the MCSA turning.

In 1936 Conference formed the MCO in order to centralise the administration of the various funds of the Church into one office. Over the years the staff have faithfully attended to the myriad details of its very wide-ranging brief. The office staff are all committed Christians who feel called to their positions and love what they do. They understand that the MCO is a service centre to the Church and are there to assist in extending God's kingdom.

The MCO is headed up by the Unit Director, Mrs Joanne Trytsman, who reports to the Lay General Treasurer/Chief Financial Officer of the MCSA Mr Anthony Tibbit.

Scope of responsibilities - a brief overview

  • Pension/provident funds - The MCO administers several funds including two pension and one provident fund. Total assets under administration amounted to approx. R1.1 billion at December 2010.
  • Payment of stipends/pension - Over 800 Ministers, Evangelists and Biblewomen, as well as 600 Supernumeraries are paid monthly through the MCO.
  • Insurance of church properties - The MCO administers the insurance cover for the Church's assets which amount to over R3.5 billion.
  • Medical Aid - The MCO, in conjunction with Pharos Medical Scheme, administers the medical aid for our Ministers, Evangelists and Biblewomen.
  • Property - The MCO holds the Title Deeds and administers the records of over one-and-a-half thousand properties owned by the MCSA.
  • Financial Reporting of Units - The MCO also administers and reports on 5 Connexional Units, viz. Mission, Education for Ministry and Mission, Communications, Ecumenical Affairs and Connexional Youth.