1. If you have a clear calling to a ministry of Service (as opposed to the ministry of Word and Sacrament) and intend to candidate as a Deacon, you must approach their Circuit Superintendent stating their wish to candidate early in the year (I suggest February 2012).

2. Entrance requirements:

·         You must be in possession of a matriculation (or equivalent) Certificate

·         Completed the following academic courses from TEE College:

ü  Degree:                 Interpreting Texts (7004)


ü  Diploma in Theology and Ministry (for existing TEEC Students):              Interpreting Texts (6004)


ü  Diploma in Theology (for new TEEC Students):           Getting to know the Bible  (85100)


ü  Higher Certificate in Theology:         Introduction to Old Testament (45111) & Introduction to New Testament (45121)

·         If you wish to candidate -

i. As a non-preaching Deacon, you should have an interview with the Superintendent before you go to the Circuit Quarterly Meeting. A report of this interview and a review of your involvement in ministries of service will be required.

ii. As a preaching Deacon, the Superintendent must confirm your Local Preacher’s status. You should be a Local Preacher on Trial to Candidate and a Local Preacher on Full Plan to be Ordained.

.3. There needs to be clarity of vision/purpose for the whole Circuit, into which a vision for the diaconal appointment fits. There should be prior research to identify needs, opportunities, other agencies already engaged in work, budget available etc. This should be analyzed and translated into specific aims and goals for the diaconal appointment.

4. Having ensured that the you qualify to candidate, the Superintendent submits your name to the Circuit Quarterly Meeting

5. The Circuit Quarterly Meeting hears the testimony of your Conversion and call to the Diaconal Ministry and votes on the recommendation to accept you as a candidate Deacon. The Circuit/ Society needs to clearly indicate how they are going to utilize your services.

6. The Superintendent requests the form intending to nominate you as a Candidate for the Ministry of Word and Service (or Service) from EMMU or the Warden of the Order (myself from 2012)

This form must be returned to EMMU, the Warden of the Order and District Supervisor of Studies before 31 July 2012. (Note: You must have appeared before the Circuit Quarterly meeting by this time.)

7. Upon receipt of the intention to nominate a candidate, EMMU will forward the Candidate’s Application Forms to the Superintendent early in August 2012.  These are to be completed and returned EMMU before 31 October 2012.

· The following should be submitted with the Application Forms:

i. Educational Certificates

ii. Medical Certificate

iii. Testimonial of employer on character of Candidate (where applicable)

iv. Superintendent’s Report – incl. Circuit motivation report

v. Local Minister’s Report

vi. Copy of ID

vii. 2 passport photos.

viii. Any other documents required for the application process e.g. pastoral report where an applicant is divorced, etc.

8. EMMU will evaluate whether the candidate complies with the minimum requirements and inform the Warden in November 2012.

9. The Warden will forward two entrance assignments to you. These assignments should be returned to the Warden or his nominee  by mid-December 2012.

10. Having obtained at least 50% for each assignment, the Warden gives your name to EMMU by the January 2013 EMMU meeting.

11. You will appear before the EMMU District Screening Committee (between February and March 2013). You and your spouse (if married) or fiancé (if engaged to be married) are interviewed by the Committee.

An Oral Exam will be conducted on the same day as the Candidates’ Screening Committee meets in Districts.  Your oral examination will be focused on your ability to apply the theology you would have studied, to real life situations. The EMMU District Screening Committee  who will forward the approved applications to the Convocation of the Order of Deacons (that normally meet in March/April)

12. If recommended by the EMMU District Screening Committee you will need to attend the Convocation of the Order of Deacons in March 2013 to share your testimony of your conversion to Christ and call to the ordained ministry of Word and Service. and call to Diaconal Ministry. The convocation will submit a formal report to the synod. The Convocation may make additional recommendations to the District Synod where necessary.  

13. You will give your testimony to the District Synod in 2013, which votes on receiving you as a Candidate into Ministry.

v     If a Candidate obtains below 50% for any one of the above steps, or if his/her name is not recommended by the screening committee, they are disqualified from the process.

v   50% is the overall pass mark. Only candidates with a total of 50% + will be considered by Synod.

14. The names of Candidates accepted by the District Synod are forwarded to the EMMU General Committee that meets in June 2013 and then forwarded to Conference, which meets in September 2013. The Connexional Executive/Conference will decide who will be accepted into the Ministry of Word and Service.

15. Once accepted by Conference you will be accepted into the EMMU in-service Probation programme beginning with the January Seminar 2014. You can start ministering as a Deacon at this point of time and may wear the Deacon’s clerical collar.

16. You must undergo a minimum of two years (maximum 5 years) in-service training regardless of how many academic credits you may have started probation with before entering the Ordination phase of training. If you are accepted as a candidate  from 2014, you may, depending on your academic and other progress,  therefore be ordained at the earliest 2016 – 2019.

17. Each year that you have academic courses to complete, you will undergo in-service training together with other Probationers (both Deacons and Presbyters) A Deacon does three internship projects per year on probation (a minimum of six before Ordination).

18. In addition to the above, all probationer Deacons studying towards the Higher Certificate in Theology must also complete the course “Doing Ministry for a Change” (6/7001) before being considered for Ordination. (This may change?)

19. Probationer Deacons also need to complete the Methodist studies course with EMMU  before being ordained.

20. A Deacon who is a Preacher will be expected to undergo a Trial Sermon before each annual Synod.  A non-preaching Deacon is assessed on some other form of proclamation e.g. an assessment of leading a bible study group, teaching a class meeting, leading a Sunday School class, etc. This project or activity will need to be agreed beforehand with the Warden of the Order of Deacons.