NCD Prayers for Sunday 18 March

Dear Sisters and Brothers
I would encourage us to include our brothers in your daily private prayers for the next week and also in public intercessory prayers on Sunday.

This week I invite us to pray for:
• Rev Thabo Shabalala (Ntuzuma Section, Umngeni Circuit)
• Rev Roy Govender (Secondment)
This morning (Thursday 15 March 2012) as I was working in my study: a young woman walking on the other side of the road was bombarded with verbal sexual-harassment and ‘Wolf- whistles’ by a group of overalls-clad men on the back of a bakkie passing by. This young woman could be your daughter, sister of friend.
Pray that:
• Growing sexual-harassment and rape will cease in our beloved country
• The hearts of lustful, violent men be transformed into men who respect themselves and others irrespective of gender
• The resurgence of sexism be exposed and that the gospel value of non-sexism (Gal 3:28) become the norm in our beloved country
Pray for the removal of all tyrannical leaders in:
o Syria
o Any others that you would like to add.

Pray for those responsible for war crimes in different parts of the world. (There seems to be a huge imbalance in the world Justice system – mainly people from Africa have been targeted whilst those in the west have also been responsible for war crimes, are left alone) Pray that following leaders be brought to justice for war crimes:

o Former USA President George W Bush
o Former USA Vice-President Dick Cheney
o Former USA Defence Secretary Rumsfeld
o Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair (At least a process has started in the UK to investigate the legality of the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan none such process is in place in the USA)
o Uganda: The leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) Joseph Kony will be caught and brought to justice – pray especially for the many child soldiers and their victims that this man has brutalised.
o Any others that you would like to add.


Bishop Mike Vorster