Statement on Red Bull Advert - Jesus walks on water campaign

On behalf of the Methodist Church of Southern Africa, I join the Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference and many other Christian Organisations and individuals in strongly condemning the contents of the Red Bull Advert which appeared on TV – featuring ‘Jesus walks on water’ campaign.

The contents of this Advert are blasphemous, offensive, unacceptable and very insensitive, as well as offensive in the context of a multi faith society like South Africa. No religion should be ridiculed.

In expressing our disapproval and displeasure, the Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa has been asked to instruct Red Bull to withdraw the Advert. We have just learnt that the Advert has been withdrawn. A public apology also needs to be issued by Red Bull.

I was just about to make a call to all Methodists in particular and fellow Christians and all people of faith to boycott the products of Red Bull until the withdrawal of the Advert as well as the public apology. Seeing that there is positive response – we will have to put the call on hold for now.

Zipho Siwa